Photo by Judson Studios/ Kyle J. Mickelson


Tim Carey is a talented, yet unknown Los Angeles-based artist. He is also a bit of a jackass, who uses wit and humor to charm you into forgiving his flaws. As a Hail Mary, Tim and the company he works for, Judson Studios, bluff their way into winning the commission to make the world’s largest stained-glass window of its kind, beating out 60 companies from around the globe. The problem is, Tim has no idea how to make his wild and complicated design.

After a desperate search, Tim comes to learn about someone who might have the answer… a world-famous, Italian glass maestro named Narcissus Quagliata, who has a special way of making glass do things Tim didn’t know were possible. From the moment Narcissus arrives, Tim quickly learns that his personal talent and humor can only take him so far. If he has any chance of making it to the end of the project and potentially achieve greatness, he must confront his laziness, passive artistic aspirations, limited business instincts and spiritual insecurities. He must drop his ego and submit to the life and artistic lessons of a complicated master, who has long preceded him in greatness.

As this documentary unfolds, the clash of two big personalities slowly transforms into the forging of a lasting friendship. Both mentor and protégé́ come to realize it will take their combined focus to overcome the 3-year race-against-time, the complications of a $1.2 billion class-action lawsuit, and the many obstacles that emerge when attempting a masterpiece.

 Even though the story takes place within the niche world of an ancient art-form, it gives a universally fun, heartfelt, and comedic look into the drama of any human endeavor that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Justin Monroe

After studying film in Oklahoma and Los Angeles, Justin and his wife decided to permanently trade tornadoes for earthquakes, and settled into a full-time life in the golden west.

Justin’s previous feature film credits include the award-winning comedy, THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL DREAMS OF DUNCAN CHRISTOPHER (Director/Producer), and the thriller, THE UNRAVELING (Co-writer/Producer). His most recent feature film as a director/producer is his first documentary, HOLY FRIT.

HOLY FRIT had its World Premiere at the 2021 Slamdance Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award for Best Documentary. It went on to win Audience Awards for Best Documentary at the 2021 Dances With Films Festival, Florida Film Festival, Port Townsend Film Festival, Annapolis Film Festival, and the 2022 San Luis Obispo Film Festival. It also won the Jury Award for Best Documentary at the 2021 Edmonton International Film Festival, the Naples International Film Festival, the San Diego International Film Festival, and the 2021 deadCenter Film Festival.

Justin strives to achieve a unique aesthetic and a connection to beauty, fun and authenticity in every project he’s been a part of.

Justin and his family happily reside in Pasadena, CA.



Ryan Fritzsche

Ryan began his Hollywood career in 2001 at Cary Brokaw’s Avenue Pictures (WIT, ANGELS IN AMERICA, THE PLAYER). He produced, and edited, numerous award-winning short & feature films, including The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher (2010). In 2008, he was privileged to serve as online editor, and trailer editor, for the Oscar-nominated documentary, The Garden. Over his career, Ryan’s post-production clients have included brands such as Axe, Google, Hennessy, IBM, Mattel, MGM, Microsoft, NBC, New Line, Time Inc. (Sports Illustrated, Fortune, People, et al), and Warner Brothers, and agencies such as BB&H, Laundry Service, Mission, and Ogilvy & Mather. Ryan and his family reside in Brooklyn, NY, where he also operates Breve Films, a filmmaking venture with his wife, writer & director Gillian Fritzsche. IMDb

Luc Nicknair

Luc’s career spans several decades of visual storytelling ranging from origins as a production assistant at the BBC in London and CBS news. Later he camera assisted on block buster movies such as Batman Forever, Addams Family and some Nightmare on Elm Street movies. As a cinematographer, Luc cut his teeth on over 100 music videos during the mid 1990’s up to the present for such artists as Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dog, Skeelo, New Edition, Jesse Powell, Aaron Carter, The Temptations and The Whisperers. Luc made several award-winning narrative features including Close Call, The Rock n Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher and Out West. He also supervised the multi camera comedy special, Undeniable for Showtime. In the documentary world, Luc worked on the Netflix mini series Russell Peters vs the World, Lucille Balls’ lost episode doc, Lucy In London, Paul Soldners’ ceramic epic, Playing with Fire and Roman history lessons in Horace Villa: House of the Imperial Assasins. Currently in post production is the rock and roll disaster with the band Great White, The Guest List. Most notably and very recently, Luc worked on the stained glass documentary, HOLY FRIT, premiering at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2021. IMDb

Chris Saito

A diversified entertainment executive with ventures integrating film, television, music, art, technology, publishing and philanthropy. Combining creativity with the ability to engage in global audiences and an understanding of “what’s next” to deliver and distribute innovative ideas. Chris has extensive experience in Content Distribution, having worked at the majority of Major Hollywood Studios where he served as a Senior Marketing Executive for Paramount, DreamWorks, Universal, Fox and Warner Bros. Chris is also currently producing 2 Documentary Films, 1 feature and is co-owner of Iron Dragon TV, a streaming channel specializing in Martial Arts Content. IMDb


Tim Carey

Tim Carey was trained in traditional drawing and painting at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and spent the first 5 years of his career as a figurative oil painter and muralist. He discovered stained glass and specifically glass painting by chance, on a tour of The Judson Studios in Los Angeles in 2003. Tim was immediately hooked, and worked at the studio for 14 years where he transitioned to fused glass in 2016 upon completion of the Resurrection Window in Leawood, Kansas. He went out on his own, opening Tim Carey Studio in 2018.

Narcissus Quagliata

Narcissus Quagliata was born in Rome, Italy in 1942 where he studied painting with the metaphysical painter Giorgio De Chirico. At the age of 19, Narcissus moved to the United States and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. Soon after graduation, he began working in glass and continues to use it as his principle form of artistic expression. Currently residing in Mexico City, Quagliata’s recent monumental glass works, one built on Michelangelo’s last Roman basilica and another on a Taiwanese transportation station underscore the multicultural issues inherent in the artist’s use of light and color.

David Judson

David Judson has the honor of being the 5th generation owner and operator of Los Angeles based, The Judson Studios, a small, but distinguished stained glass company founded in 1897 by his great-great grandfather. Over the years, he has successfully transitioned the business into the 21st century by introducing new technology into the company that all of his predecessors very possibly would have resisted.

Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton is the senior pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection (CoR) in Leawood, Kansas. CoR began as a small community church in a funeral home, but now with 20,000 or so members, it is seen as one of the fastest growing, most influential mainline Protestant churches in the United States. PBS’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly identified Adam as one of the “Ten People to Watch.” In 2013, Adam was invited to deliver the sermon at the National Prayer Service in Washington’s National Cathedral as part of Barack Obama’s second presidential inauguration.